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Hi erin.e,
Sorry to hear about your situation as well. Normal biopsies can be done in any of the university hospitals (I guess?) and the cost is just the basic 30eur or so. This is if you belong to finnish social security system. At least for us there was first two semen analysis and then the biopsy which was done after local anesthesia from 3-4 areas. I think we had to wait 4-5 months to get to this first biopsy. If one is lucky there can be only obstruction and there is sperm present that just can’t get out. Then you can proceed to ivf+icsi.

MD-TESE is a procedure they do if they don’t find any sperm in normal biopsy like in our case. I don’t think they will even consider you for this if you haven’t been in normal biopsy. MD-TESE is done in Turku under general anesthesia and takes 2 hrs or so to proceed. To get to the procedure we had to wait 4 months but in some cases it could be 6 months as well since that is the maximun legal limit they can let you wait a procedure in Finland if you are on the waiting list.

So I think you should call to your doctor and ask for biopsy. Hope this helps!